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Updating your head shot

16 Mar Updating your head shot


Just before Christmas 2014 I went to a dinner arranged by Business Chicks. I was there on an official capacity but I was also there to have dinner with a group of lovely ladies. On my table was the gorgeous Michelle. We got chatting and we were talking about how Michelle was about to embark on a planned holiday and when she got back she was going to look for a new job. We got on the subject of head shots and I mentioned how I had just been talking at my workshop about the importance of having a good and updated head shot. Michelle had never had a professional photo taken of her before. I then went on to explain how much fun it is and that I would guide her to get the best photos of her!

So when she got back from her holiday, she contacted me and we scheduled a time for me to take her photo. I organised a professional hair and make-up artist to come along and work with Michelle before the shoot. Before the shoot I gave Michelle some tips on what and what not to wear. On the day we considered our options and went with the colours that best suited Michelle and that she felt comfortable in. We then got cracking.

In an hour I was able to photograph in a couple of different locations (in her apartment and in the garden downstairs) to provide a variety of looks to use in different places such as a job application, LinkedIn and Social Media. She was very happy with the results. This is what she had to say:

“I was blown away with how Melissa was able to capture my personality in one click of a button!
Melissa exceeded my expectations to deliver a professional and engaging photo of myself. I never knew I could look fabulous in a photo and I had so many to choose from after our photo shoot. Working with Mel on my project was fun, easy and professional and I will be recommending her services to others.”

Michelle is now using her new head shots and I heard last week she had an interview for a new job. I’m so happy that Michelle feels and looks fabulous! Good luck with the job hunting!

Would you like a new head shot taken? Do you need a professional shot for a new venture, job or website? Contact me a we can discuss your new head shots today. Mel x

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