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Personal Work / Exhibitions

Exhibition - NYC -6º Cold Bite of the Big Apple


20 November

About This Project

In January 2011 Melissa travelled to New York for the first time. Her intention was to see the Big Apple and tick something off her bucket list. Whilst she was there it dumped 18″ of snow and it was like a winter wonderland. In July 2011 after returning from New York Melissa put together a series of 11 Black and White photos called ‘NYC -6º – Cold Bite of the Big Apple’. Along side that exhibition Melissa also showcased a series of iPhone Triptychs called ‘NYC -6º – A Cold Snap’ that showed a more street view of Melissa’s trip. Both series have been exhibited 3 times in Melbourne, Wollongong and more recently in Craigieburn. For enquiries regarding prints of these photos please contact Melissa.