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  • Welcome to the Blog of Melissa Hobbs

    Thanks for coming by and checking out my blog. You will find all sorts of information here that makes up my life and what I do. Hope you enjoy!...

  • Business Photography Workshop Reed Gift Fair
    Reed Gift Fairs – Burst Into 2015 Retailer Workshop

    I feel very honoured to have been asked to present a workshop at the Reed Gift Fairs Burst into 2015 Retailer workshop next Monday 27th October along with the amazing Nancy Georges, Tara Dennis and Jules Brooke. The subject of my talk is a picture......

  • Photographing Rachel Zoe for Business Chicks

    Thursday was literally bananas. I got to meet the amazing stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe and her husband Rodger. She was here in Australia speaking exclusively for Business Chicks at an event with over 900 people and the place went off! Just Saying! There......